Cherry Biscuit Hangboard

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The Biscuit was designed to be as lightweight as possible while not sacrificing versatility to make the perfect crag warmup or home training hangboard! These versatile little boards have 27+ ways to train your grip strength! Like our Pretzels, they can be hung in a flat slot setup, a sloped slot setup, a juggy slot setup as well as be used as pinch blocks! 


  • Material: Cherry
  • Overall size: 108mm x 95mm 
  • Outer ring edges: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and a through pocket
  • 30+ pinches
  • Made in Québec, Canada

A fun metric we came up with for our hangboards is $/hold. When you buy a Biscuit Hangboard, you are spending $2.41 per way you can hold it. Besides our Pretzel hangboards, there are no other hangboards that come even close to this cost effectiveness!

The Biscuit comes with 1m 7mm static rope for secure hanging (tensile strength: 1325kg) as well as one 12KN Breadhouse Carabiners NOT FOR CLIMBING. The carabiners ARE NOT RATED FOR CLIMBING. They are meant to be used for hanging hammocks or hangboards, and SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ANY CRITICAL APPLICATION.

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Spencer Thomas
Cherry biscuit bliss

11/10 product. Hang for days. The perfect travel companion!