Flag Cutter for Tree Planters V2

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After a successful year of use for many planters, V2 has some small tweaks to make this cutter even better. 

  • New cutting slot profile cuts cleaner and faster, is harder to jam with mud, and flag doesn't get stuck in the cutter anymore
  • No hook allows you to set the cutter at any angle you want. Tighten with a thumb screw instead, which you can adjust easily without needing any tools.
  • Cutting slots along the full length on the bottom makes it harder to miss when cutting from below. Entire length increased.
  • Wider spacing on the grooves makes them easier to hit. 
  • Can open a beer while still attached to your bags

It still has the V1 features: 

  • No blade to get dull!
  • No moving parts to jam
  • Tested full of mud
  • Can cut flag from above or below so you can flag before or after the tree
  • Long shape and multiple grooves makes it easy to hit with the flag, unlike a single groove and blade design
  • Symmetrical design for ambidextrous planters
  • Can be bolted anywhere your heart desires on your bag rim, giving you full control of cut flag length.
  • Many iterations went into this design, and it was tested jammed with dirt and in the rain.


Color may vary. If you want any specific color, we can provide it if we have in stock. Current options are: glow in the dark grey/blue, orange, lime green, yellow, red, pink, black, brown, blue, and purple.

Customer Reviews

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Didn't work

Tried many different attachment points, angles, pulling directions, and everything else I could think of (over the course of several shifts), and could not get these to cut or tear flag reliably. At best, I would get 20 trees out before the one side of the cutter was completely full of stretched/torn bits and it would just clump up and tangle with the flag instead of doing anything helpful. Granted, the brand of flag that Summit buys is harder to tear (more stretchy) than some others. I really wanted this to work, and maybe with a different brand of flag it could've done the job. But alas, scoring the flag rolls with a box cutter every morning was a far more reliable method of reducing time wasted flagging :(

Aidan Mckenzie

It’s finicky to use, sometimes doesn’t cut the flag and it stretches instead

spencer leduc
Good idea but doesn't really work

Maybe I didnt get the technique right but i found it slowed me down. Too bad.

Charles-Antoine Beaudet

Flag Cutter for Tree Planters