About Us

Breadhouse Climbing is a young startup that was born in Montréal, Canada in Spring 2020. The co-founders, Eli and Ben, are friends and engineering students with complementary passions that led to this entrepreneurial adventure. Our merged expertise in all things climbing and manufacturing led to the release of Breadhouse's first product: The Pretzel Hangboard. 
The name Breadhouse Climbing comes from the pre-pandemic climbing club on Eli's living room homewall, and the infinite supply of exquisite bread that his roommate was constantly making. Combining the two was essential, and after all, who doesn’t like bread?
Eli Dannenbaum, Co-founder

Hi! I am a mechanical engineering student and tree planter who is constantly climbing anything I comes across, from trees, to rock to buildings. As a student myself, I understand the need for affordable home climbing gear. I designed hangboards for Breadhouse as well as some other companies, and am always looking for new ways to hang on things. I have plenty of design and manufacturing experience as well.

Benjamin St-Pierre, Co-founder

Salut! I am an aerospace engineering student with a love of robotics. If i'm not CADing, 3D printing or machining my next project, you can find me outside - hiking or climbing. Since buying my first CNC mill, a day hasn't passed without machining a board or improving the router in some way. My love of CNC's has helped optimize Breadhouse's manufacturing processes.

Nestor Nebesio, Advisor

Hey! I am an avid climber and skier in Montreal. Always on the lookout for rocks to climb, snow to ski, and ways to make Breadhouse Climbing a better, more efficient business.